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Program Your Vehicle

HomeLink is integrated into hundreds of different vehicle models, so integration and user interface vary by vehicle make and model year.

The following HomeLink programming instructions apply to the majority of HomeLink-equipped vehicles.

  • programming step one


    Clear the garage door area.

    Use fresh remote batteries.

    Some steps are time sensitive.

    Review all steps before starting.

  • programming step one

    Step 1

    Turn on your vehicle ignition and position your remote transmitter 2 inches away from your HomeLink buttons.

  • programming step two

    Step 2

    Using both hands, simultaneously press and hold both the desired HomeLink button and the handheld garage door remote until HomeLink indicator light changes from flashing slowly to either solid or flashing rapidly.

  • programming step two

    Step 3

    Press the newly programmed HomeLink button twice at 2-second intervals to test. If your garage door is activating, training is complete.

  • programming step two

    Step 4

    If your garage door is not activating and the HomeLink indicator light is flashing rapidly, you will need to synchronize HomeLink to your garage door opener (time sensitive).

  • programming step two

    Step 5

    On your garage door opener, press the learn, smart or program button. Reference garage door opener user manual for the exact location of the button on your garage door opener.

  • programming step two

    Step 6

    Within 30 seconds, return to your vehicle and press and release the programmed HomeLink button three times at 2-second intervals. HomeLink should now activate your garage door.

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